The Perfect Business Model

Coastal Vacations Travel - DFI - Christian Team

The Perfect Business Model
I know some of the thoughts that are running through your head right now … because I have been there also! You know that you want to create freedom for yourself; but you have concerns about whether Coastal Travel, DFI, is right for you.I would like to share with you some of the observations which I made while I was going through the same decision-making process.The traditional models and methods for advertising are beginning to change. It is more difficult and more costly than ever for marketers to grab consumer attention. It is only the huge mega-corporations which can afford the national print and television campaigns … and these campaigns are losing their effectiveness.CV.AD.Capture.Page

What do I rely upon when making a consumer decision? Generally, I look to the advice and experience of my friends, my neighbors and my family as well as to the…

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