Aghios Nikolaos, Greece

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 Image result for Agios Nikolaos, GreeceWith the mesmerizing Lake Voulismeni flowing into the ocean, Aghios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece is a perfect example of a magical paradise. Even the beautiful Greek goddesses Athena and Artemis are rumored to have bathed in the turquoise waters of the lake. Capital of the Prefecture of Lasithi, Agios Nikolaos, meaning Saint Nicholas, is populated with sandy beaches, ancient and modern architecture, restaurants, hotels, and trendy shops. It is a vibrant town with a peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking sites. Whether you are gazing at the skull of a young female athlete during the reign of the Roman Empire or you are touching the ancient marble columns of the Aghios Nickolaos Ragavas Church, the attractions show how traditions and history play a major part in Grecian society.

To appease your shopping addictions, Agios Nikolaos has many quaint shopping areas. From designer labels to antique souvenirs, its expansive selections of goods such…

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