Why Coastal?

Coastal Vacations Travel - DFI - Christian Team


There are literally THOUSANDS of businesses out there to choose from.
Most of them are pyramid-type deals or other pie-in-the-sky schemes.
With so many choices, why choose Coastal? What makes it different? Well, first of all, let’s look at some facts

According to the latest networker poll, here are the top 10 criteria people are looking for:

  1. Substantial immediate income
  2. Low initial capital
  3. Product Value (can sell itself)
  4. No need to keep product on hand (no inventory)
  5. Easy to use, proven system
  6. Company Stability
  7. Duplicable
  8. Worldwide Appeal
  9. Exponential Growth
  10. Long term income

That’s a pretty tall bill for any one business to fill. Most businesses meet at least 2 or 3 of these criteria, but very few can meet more than that. Many people have tried program after program, trying to find the perfect one, and finally decide to give up. They lose hope that the “REAL THING” truly…

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